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Finally, a custom dashboard built especially for dentists using machine learning to help you better understand and grow your patient base.


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Ready to really start optimizing your marketing strategy? 

24/7 access to your numbers. Anytime. Anywhere. 

All of our dashboards and analysis are built to help you better understand your patient base and grow your practice. We pull vendor data, practice management data, and demographic data, and organize that into an easy to understand dashboard. Using and understanding this data will be key to developing and optimizing marketing strategies for your practice. 

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Access to data that helps form growth strategies

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One dashboard to view all your important data

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You choose the data you want to see based on your KPI's

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Integrated & Automatic

Your platform will integrate with your practice management system and other vendor tools. 

One Simple Dashboard

Yup, one simple dashboard to view all your vendor data. You'll even receive optimization recommendations and in-depth analytics.


Customize your dashboard to meet your practice's need. View the KPI's that matter most to you and will help in your marketing strategies.

24/7 Access

Round-the-clock monitoring to help your practice. Get reports and valuable insights whenever you need them.


Almost 65% of media spending on location-based advertising is wasted due to poor targeting.


Companies that adopt data-driven strategies can increase revenue by 20-30% and reduce costs by 30%

“Having the right plan in place for the results we want, as well as having an expert on top of everything, has been incredible. I’m not wasting my time, I’m getting better results, and saving money.”
Angie Prince
Practice Administrator

Let's give you access to data that will actually help your marketing strategy . 


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