Patient Location Mapping & Analytics

Tired of wasting money on campaigns to the wrong area or demographic? Take your targeting seriously and see the amazing impact on your ROI.


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Transform your Practice using Meaningful  Patient Location Mapping & Data Analysis

We provide you with Data and Analytics that will help you create strategies to target your ideal demographic, set realistic goals, and make better business decisions.

Research has found that 56% of marketers use social data to understand their target audience, but their number one challenge remains identifying and reaching that audience. There’s a huge opportunity for marketers to do more with that data.

Enter: eSpatial.
eSpatial is the market analysis tool used by Fortune 500 companies to best optimize the opportunity in your market, get the best return on your investment, and stop wasting your marketing budget on imprecise data.

eSpatial and your Gargle Analyst dial in your market and put all of your dollars to work, adding quality patients to your practice.
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Custom analysis of
your market & ideal
potential patients

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Precise Targeting
to your Ideal


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No More Wasted Money on the Wrong Campaigns

Features List

Customer Acquisition

Our Data & Analytics team will pinpoint exactly what the right customers are looking for, and establish a quality patient base.

Focused & Targeted Campaigns

With the use of heat mapping, we are able to tailor messaging and special offers to your targeted market. Forget spending money on advertising campaigns that don’t work.

Valuable Insight

Their analysis will reveal the insights to deliver results.

Effective Implementation

We don’t just show you the data, we help you use it to drive your practice to new heights.



Almost 65% of budget spending on location-based advertising is wasted because of poor targeting


Less than half of geotargeting data suppliers provided near-perfect location accuracy

“We have been mailing postcards for years with some success. Gargle analyzed our market and showed us how to target far more accurately for the patients we want. We are getting far better results, not wasting time with the wrong prospects, and leveraging areas we didn’t know held opportunity for us. We have really appreciated how committed Gargle is getting us the best results from every marketing dollar.”
Leila Ann Suki, DDS

We've got the demographic targeting thing figured out. Let's show you how to do it right.


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