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Straight forward & effective training to help front office staff schedule more patients.


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Better training = more scheduled patients 

Finally, training that won't be a waste of your time.

Almost every customer service experience that takes place in your practice will come through the front desk. Training your staff to improve proficiency in scheduling new patients huge. If you're spending money on marketing and other tools to attract new patients, it's important that your staff is able to get them scheduled when they come calling. 
Our library of videos focus on specific skills and techniques staff members can use to help turn calls into scheduled patients. Don't let your marketing dollars go to waste and help get more patients on the schedule.
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Double your scheduled appoints from calls

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Enhanced conversation techniques to optimize phone time


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Help patients on the phone make better decisions

Features List

Quick 3-5 min. training videos

You get exclusive access to 30, 3-5 minutes videos, that highlight specific skills and techniques to use on calls.

Improved closing ratio

Each video is based on 7 KPI's we've identified over our years of coach that will improve your staff's closing ratio.

Optimize your marketing investment

We help make sure those calls that come in from your marketing efforts close at higher rates.

Increased staff efficiency & effectiveness

Your staff is a vital part to the practice. Investing in training for them helps the practice as a whole.


Over 10 years of helping front offices turn calls into scheduled appointments.


Staff training videos focused on specific skills & techniques to help schedule patients more effectively.

“What a great experience working with Dental Marketing. We have seen a significant rise in new patient numbers. The guidance they provide our staff is wonderful and the feedback we get from our consultant and the dashboard is very helpful. Our doctors and hygienists are excited with the influx of new patients and full schedules!”
Devon Elliott

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