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Deidra Baker

Process & HR Specialist

Chelsea Brock

Client Experience Director

Chelsea Cabrera

SEO Admin

Tyler Clark

Social + Ad Specialist

Josh Dollaghan

Content Writer

Bethany Duffy

Social Media Assistant

Renzo Dupont

IT and Development Manager

Meagan Durrant

Social Media Project Manager

Cassidy Dustin

Partnership and Lead Gen Strategist

Grace Ethington

Web Designer

Rocky Fischer


Bart Gibby

Pay-Per-Click Admin

Jake Goates

Executive VP of Client Strategy

Hafid Gordillo

Digital Product Administrative Assistant

Ellie Hart

Sr. Web Designer

Lauren Hill

Social + Jr Specialist

Julie Holden

Executive Director of Client Experience

KC Holmes

President in Corporate Development

Lydia Jensen

Client Experience Coordinator

April Johnson

Pay-Per-Click Specialist

Dakota Johnson

Event and Lead Gen Admin

Brandie Lamprou

VP of Digital Products

Julie Linford

Accounting Clerk

Mandi Marshall

Reporting Specialist

Tessa Martinez

SEO Specialist

Hannah Mayle

VP of Client Strategy
Administrative Assistant

Federico Molina

Website Server

Emily Moote

Content Writer

Casey Murguia

IT Support Administrator

Chris Nielsen

Senior Account Executive

Jennifer Olney

Social Media Director

Heather Rasmussen

Office Admin in HR

Jeff Richins

Executive VP - Revenue,
Partnerships and Product

Andrew Rushing

Sales Admin

Ashley Schaugaard

Web Designer

Kourtnie Spencer

Social Media Assistant

Sydney Stevens

Client Experience Coordinator

Keslie Ta’afua

Marketing Coordinator

Lauren Tighe

Digital Product Team Lead

Oriana Villarreal

Graphic Designer

Brianna Williams

HR Admin in HR

Dallas Wise

Web Designer

Kinley Woodruff

Social Media Assistant

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Give us a call or use this form and you'll be able to book a demo on our calendar!

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