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Hot Take: Going Viral Isn’t the Answer

You might remember Dr. Rich Constantine, the dancing dentist who went viral on Facebook, or Dr. Milad Shadrooh, the singing dentist whose Instagram blew up. And now, the latest sensation, Dr. Wein Jian, who captured TikTok’s attention with his three things he wouldn’t do. These viral sensations have shown us the power of social media in garnering attention and engagement. However, for many dental practices, achieving such viral fame may seem like the ultimate goal. But is going viral truly the answer? Let’s explore why the allure of virality might not be as beneficial as it seems and how dental practices can navigate the social media landscape more effectively.


Misconception Surrounding Traditional Social Media Marketing

Many dental practices fall into the trap of believing that traditional social media marketing methods, such as posting frequent content and striving to go viral, will automatically translate into an influx of new patients. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The dental industry operates within a limited radius, with most patients prefer to visit a dental office close to their home or workplace.


Limitations of Reaching Potential Patients Within a Limited Radius

One of the primary challenges dental practices face in traditional social media marketing is the limited reach within their local community. Unlike businesses that can cater to a global audience, dental offices rely heavily on attracting patients within a specific radius. Therefore, the viral nature of social media content may not effectively target the desired audience, as most viewers may reside outside the practice’s service area.

Moreover, even if a dental practice manages to garner attention and engagement from a viral post, the likelihood of converting those online interactions into actual patient appointments is minimal. People may find viral content entertaining or informative, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into tangible leads or appointments, especially in the dental industry.


Emphasis on Branding and Credibility Building

Instead of chasing after viral fame, dental practices should prioritize branding and credibility building in their social media efforts. Establishing a strong and consistent brand identity helps differentiate the practice from competitors and fosters trust and loyalty among existing and potential patients.

In the dental industry, credibility is paramount. Patients want assurance that they choose a trustworthy dentist for their oral health needs. By consistently delivering valuable and relevant content, dental practices can position themselves as industry experts and reliable sources of information within their local community.


Insights on Adjusting Social Media Strategies

So, what can dental practices do to navigate the challenging landscape of social media marketing effectively? The key lies in adjusting their strategies to focus on local content, brand consistency, and concise messaging.

First and foremost, dental practices should tailor their social media content to resonate with their local audience. This means highlighting community events, showcasing patient testimonials, and participating in neighborhood initiatives. By demonstrating a genuine connection to the local community, practices can foster stronger relationships with potential patients and reinforce their presence within the area.

Here are a few posts we have created for Bear River and Bluffton Orthodontics:


Furthermore, maintaining brand consistency across all social media channels is crucial for building trust and recognition. Every aspect of the practice’s social media presence should reflect its unique brand identity, from the tone of voice to the visual aesthetics. Consistency breeds familiarity, and familiar brands are more likely to be remembered and trusted by consumers.

As you can see from these posts we created for Martin Dental, the branding is consistent even when not using a logo on one.


Lastly, dental practices must prioritize concise messaging in their social media content. In a fast-paced digital world, attention spans are short, and content overload is rampant. Therefore, practices should strive to deliver their messages quickly and effectively, ensuring that every post adds value and resonates with their audience.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much. We were able to get the message across in one sentence in the posts we created for OliveTree Dentistry.


Shifting Focus: From Viral Fame to Local Connections

While the stories of Dr. Rich Constantine, Dr. Milad Shadrooh, and Dr. Wein Jian captivate us with their viral success, they represent only a fraction of the vast dental community. Pursuing virality may lead to disappointment and wasted resources for most dental practices.

Instead, as dental professionals, we must recognize the unique challenges and opportunities within our industry’s social media landscape. We can cultivate a stronger online presence by shifting our focus from chasing viral fame to building local connections and credibility.

Dental practices can forge meaningful connections with existing and potential patients through strategic branding, consistent messaging, and a commitment to delivering valuable content to our audience. Doing so can elevate your practice, enhance your reputation, and ultimately drive sustainable growth. 

At Gargle, we help dentists just like you with their social media. Just as we’ve emphasized the importance of local connections and relevant messaging, Gargle’s one-on-one meetings offer a tailored approach to content creation. By collaborating with our team of social media specialists, you can ensure that each post aligns with your overall branding and strategy. From engaging visuals to compelling calls to action, Gargle ensures that every piece of content resonates with existing and potential patients.


Amplifying Your Online Presence Through Effective Social Media Management

Ultimately, Gargle’s social media program aims to drive patient conversion and facilitate practice growth. By creating engaging content and fostering meaningful connections with the audience, Gargle increases the likelihood of patients scheduling appointments by 53%. With Gargle’s expertise, dental practices can harness the power of social media to elevate their online presence and attract new patients. Learn how we can help your practice with social media!

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