After Hours Recall Appointment Scheduling

It’s simple. More scheduled appointments means more revenue. Up your game with help from professional appointment schedulers.

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Profit loss from poor recall can
exceed $2 million in revenue per year for your practice. That’s HUGE. 
Meet your solution: CallForce Dental Scheduling Professionals.


After-hours Hygiene
Appointment Scheduling

Don't let overdue patients slip through the cracks.
Gargle’s partnership with CallForce ReCall gets patients in the door for routine hygiene appointments that have somehow slipped through the cracks. Their professional hygiene coordinators call your patients during evening hours, when they're most likely able to answer. Those missed and overdue hygiene appointments are scheduled directly into your practice management software for ease and convenience to your staff.  Nice, huh? 

Insurance Verification

CallForce Insurance Specialists are specifically trained to get you the information you need as quickly as possible.
You will have a dedicated agent for your team who is available 5 days a week.  You will have direct communication with your agent to make any changes or for last minute verifications.
Once your agent verifies a patient's insurance, they input the information into your practice management software.
We use your verification forms whenever applicable - exactly like your office would.
All appointments are verified within 48 hours of schedule.
No additional charge for emergency verifications (within 48 hours).

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You only pay for the appointments they set, and nothing more. No hidden fees. No contracts.

(like we said, smart.)




CallForce schedules 33% of every recall patient onto your calendar for cleanings. They also have a less than 1% client loss rate.


CallForce is trust by thousands of dentists to fill calendars with both, new and overdue patients.



Able to make more calls than the office staff (40-45 calls an hour). Calls are made between 5-7:30pm.


Pay-per-appointment-set. You only pay for appointments set, nothing else. (No contracts, no hidden fees).


Recall is crucial for the profitability of a practice. Improving overdue cleanings by just 10% can lead to $100k in revenue a year.


Every patient contacted by CallForce receives a professionally trained US based scheduler on the other end of the call.


35 – 40% Appointment Scheduling Rate with CallForce ReCall


15 X ROI Average


CallForce Scheduling Professionals have a client loss rate of less than 1%

"Gargle has done a great job with my dental practice since I started using their services several months ago. Very responsive to emails. Great value and return on investment for what we are spending. Highly recommend."
Justin Moseley

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