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Is Direct Mail for Dentists Dead? Or is it Your Missing Component?

dental mailers dead, dental post cards

Is direct mail for dentists dead? No, it’s the missing component you need to bring your dental marketing back to life. We are aware of the dreaded SUCKTEMBER. Don’t let that mindset push you into the grave! Let dental mailers keep you above ground. We know this time of the year can be slow for […]

3 Ways to Score in Q4 – Dental Marketing Playbook

dental marketing, ppc, social ads, mailers

It’s getting down to the wire. The third quarter is here, and you need to score. Here’s the good news, we have the playbook. Dental PPC (Google) Ads, Social Ads, and Mailers (also known as Postcards) are the answer. Implement these three dental marketing plays together this quarter and see significant new patient growth by […]

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