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Feeling Lost? Here’s Some Direction on Dental Social Ads!

Are you feeling lost in the dental marketing world? Gargle has the road map you need. Let us get you to your final destination, SUCCESS! The tip is Social Ads. Take a trip with us, and we’ll show you how to get there. With its ability to reach an audience quickly and cost-efficiently, you will arrive at your destination in no time!

What is social media advertising? It is an online marketing strategy that focuses on paid advertisements through social media platforms. Think Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Half the world’s population is currently using some form of social media due to the accessibility of smartphones. You’re probably using your phone to read this right now. Millions of people are waiting for you to tell them why they should use your business. Are you ready to show them? 

I think it’s time we hit the road, and don’t forget the snacks! Hey siri, turn on Gargle’s Social Ad GPS:


Great way to increase conversion ratesWe mentioned before that half of the world is on social media. You have access to millions of people and the ability to be hands-on with your customer base. That builds better relationships with your consumers and credibility for your business, increasing brand awareness and visibility. The more visibility and brand awareness you have, the more leads will visit your website – increasing your conversion rates. Oh, and don’t forget, it’s budget-friendly! Time for the next stop.


Price is too good to be trueCompared to other forms of marketing, social ads do not require a large monetary investment. Simply due to social media reaching a targeted audience and a bigger audience for a fraction of the cost traditional marketing demands. According to Top Draw, in 2021 the average cost for Instagram’s Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM) was $8.96. In turn, Facebook was at $8.60. Compare those to your traditional advertising strategies; Direct Mail ($500 – $1000), Network TV ($20 – $30), and Billboard ($13 – $20). Traditional Strategies cost more. Their price and inability to give you specifics for your Return on Investment (ROI) will eventually require you to spend more money. It leaves you in the dark with little understanding of what you have achieved or what you will need to achieve to reach your goals. This takes us to our last stop…


Scalable way to track ROIThere is no guessing with social media. Companies need statistics to move forward. You should know what works and what does not work. Why waste money on a guess when you can invest in a know! Social Ads can determine your ROI with the ability to track how your campaigns are doing – based on clicks, views, visits, etc.. They give you the hard evidence that you need to move forward with your strategies. No conjecture, less time spent trying to figure out percentages, and more time left for you to run your business. Transparency and control. Looks like you’ve finally arrived… 


Welcome to your destination! No need to tip us, but here’s one more for you: Gargle’s Social Plus. Our Social Ads will help you achieve all of the above; increased conversion rates, affordable marketing, and an exact way to track your ROI! Gargle gives you customized campaigns geared towards your target audience. All campaigns are managed by Gargle’s team, and we’ll make sure your vision is being executed. Gargle will get you new patients, and keep them! We also offer the lowest prices on the market. You get the best deals, and WE do all of the work. I’d call that a win! 


Call our expert marketing drivers today, and they’ll get you on your way. Get Gargle, achieve SUCCESS! See you on the road. 

Originally published in 2022, by Keslie Ta’afua.
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